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Advent of Code 2020 | Day 4 | List<String>.contains()

Difficulty is increasing as the challenge is continuing and a bit more of thinking will be needed, it's time to start! Im pretty sure theres no way to compare the passports with validity requirements without using List String or array - we need to change the spaces to newlines or any other way as well, because there's no chance of splitting() we could use.  As usual for first ' splitting ' of the String, we use our line scanner , reformatting the passport file is necessary in order to get all the values correctly, there was no order or rule of sorting, now we have it. So if the line is blank we know that the passport we were checking right now is over and we can proceed to another one. Next we check if the  list has all the required values and if it has, valids will increase, don't forget to clear() the array for next passport. At the end we can print out the result, also keep in mind that the scanner must be closed to avoid memory leaks! I actually hadn'


Collection of ethical hacking tools
NMAP - ip scanner targeting at ports
SQLMAP - sql injection vulnerability tester 
John the Ripper - bruteforce password cracker
Hydra - bruteforce tool used for wide scale of protocols like ssh, ftp and others
Wireshark - network packet monitor
Metasploit - exploitation and post exploitation framework
Nikto - web vulnerability scanner
BurpSuite - application testing tool with alot of features
Maltego - data gathering tool, using graphs
Aircrack tools - collection of wifi hacking tools
Bettercap - man in the middle and packet monitoring tool

NoDistribution virus scanners

Huge malware repositories

Pentesting tools and knowledge libraries

Popular malware source codes
Remote admin tool suited for multiplatform devices 
Simulator for phising attacks
Social engineering framework
Discord token grabber widely spreaded in today's times
Discord spamming tools
Powerful remote admin tool with bunch of features 
Open source remote admin tool
Native c++ remote administrator tool 
Collection of most famous remote admin tools 
C# RAT coded by famous Nyan Cat, uses encrypted sockets
WikiLeaked CIA hacking tools

Anti malware tools
Silent miner killer
Cleans malware from disc


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